Welcome to the Bebbingtons Brickipedia. Below are a range of questions we are asked on a daily basis, so we have compiled them into this page for your convenience.

Q: Will Bebbingtons Weathering Tint work on mortar, brick, masonry, tile, stone and concrete?

A: In a word, yes! Our Weathering tints are suitable for Brick, Masonry or Mortar.

In a few more words, providing it has a porosity (it’s absorbent) in theory any material will take in our weathering tint applied by brush. The exception to this rule, there always is one, is engineering bricks or tiles. Harder surfaces may need sponging or ragging and may need repeated coats.

Don’t despair though if this is your problem, our contracting business could help.

Just call our office 24/7 FREE and speak with one of the team for all the free advice you need.

Q: Will I end up with an even and natural look to my building once I’ve applied Bebbingtons Weathering Tint?

A: Yes you will.

Years of airborne pollution and natural weathering causes all porous materials to darken with time. Five years or five hundred years, Bebbingtons have formulated our Weathering Tints to blend new materials with old.

Our 24hr advice and support is all free.

Q: My new bricks and the mortar are the wrong colour, compared to the old building. Can Bebbingtons help?

A: Yes that’s just the sort of problem that Bebbingtons Weathering Tint was formulated to help with.

Q: Is Bebbingtons Weathering Tint a permanent solution?

A: Yes. Providing its is applied in accordance with the guidance, no problems.

Like Mark Bebbington always tells everybody … “We make it, we use it, we trust it.”

Remember also … “Bebbingtons since 1968”

To back this up further, if you weren’t happy with the results for some reason, we’ll send out our contracting team to give you a hand until you are happy and knock of the price of your original BWT purchase.

Only Bebbingtons can offer this back-up service.

Q: I just need to darken my bricks a little, to blend in with the old brickwork, can you help?

A: Bebbingtons Weathering Tint is ideal for this common masonry colour problem. It can be diluted down with water to suit your particular needs. If you need help or advice, just give us a call.

Q: Applying Bebbingtons Weathering Tint sounds straightforward. Is it?

A: If you trust yourself to paint the woodwork in your house, without getting it all over the carpets, windows, dog, kids, you should be fine.

As with any colour stain, test in a discreet area first. Don’t forget we’re always at the end of the phone for any advice or tips you need, or take a look at our web site for a video and advice.

Q: How does Bebbingtons Weathering Tint alter the colour of my brick or stonework?

A: Bebbingtons Weathering Tint will give an aged appearance to your building materials without hiding the original features.

Hearts, kiln marks, feldspar, minerals or fossils will still be visible through the weathering effect.


Q: I’ve been told that soot wash will sort out my problems with new bricks not matching the old.

A: Soot wash, a mainly London term for the process of weathering or ageing masonry, was a solution often used,  before brick tinting came along. Primarily used in London but also in Manchester and some other big cities,

Bebbingtons Weathering Tint does exactly what soot wash did, back in the day.

Is applying weathering tint the same as painting my bricks?

A: The method is very similar, but that’s where the comparison ends.

Unlike paint, Bebbingtons Weathering Tint does not seal the brick.

Brick should be allowed to breath. Worth noting also is, sealing the brick will probably invalidate any warranty you have from your brick or masonry supplier.

Q: Will the original wall and the tinted wall weather at the same rate? How will it look in 20 years time?

A: Because Bebbingtons Weathering Tint is absorbed back into the surface of the building material and does not seal the surface, it is still subject to all the effects of weathering and pollution. So adjacent surfaces will always match the tinted areas.

Q: Is Bebbingtons Weathering Tint safe to use?

A: Our Weathering Tints use only water based silicate and mineral pigments.

Whilst silicate is a mild irritant it is not usually harmful.

The usual sensible precautions should be taken whilst using this product. Such as gloves and eye protection and ensuring you clean up any spillages promptly with water and a mild detergent.

Full safety guidance is available from our web site.

Q: How much Bebbingtons Weathering Tint will I need?

A: A good rule of thumb is around 8-10 m2 per litre.

However and it is a big however, everything depends upon the porosity of the material and the desired effect.

We have a 24/7 helpline. Please do call for some friendly guidance.

We want you to get it right first time and not waste money on tint you end up putting in the garage.

Q: Is Bebbingtons Weathering Tint an economical solution?

A: If the colour of your new brick, masonry, mortar, pointing or stone really matters to you and it probably does if you’re reading this, there are two solutions: Rebuild or rake out & re-point or Bebbingtons Weathering Tint.

You may possibly be faced with buying an expensive material to blend in with your existing building. A more affordable material in conjunction with Bebbingtons Weathering Tint may be worth considering.

Q: Where can I buy Bebbingtons Weathering Tint?

A: Direct from Bebbingtons via our web site or from one of our merchants across the UK.

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