A 50-Year Heritage

Bebbington Brick Services is a third-generation family business, based in the heart of Staffordshire. We have been providing brick and masonry tinting services in the UK and Ireland since 1968.

At Bebbingtons, we want to make buildings nicer places to live and we don’t think you should be restricted in your choice of brick colour – that’s why our motto of ‘any brick to any colour’ has stood for 50 years.


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Back in 1968, Founder George Bebbington tasked himself with making a product that would overcome the need to demolish & re-build the façade of a building if the brick, masonry or mortar colours were incorrect.

After months of development, he eventually created a solution which utilised the pigments already being used in brick manufacturing and mixed them with a carrier and fixing agent.

George’s special blend of pigment, water and silicate was welcomed by the brick industry. His breakthrough product was both simple to apply and completely durable but, most importantly, it didn’t seal the brick so would not invalidate any manufacturer warranties.

One of George’s early test applications was on the porch of his own property in Staffordshire. Photos taken of the porch many years later proved that the system was durable and does weather back at the same natural rate as the surrounding un-treated masonry.

Using the same materials and technology that were developed in 1968, we now also manufacture tints specifically for home owners and smaller builders. We can make any colour you need, submit a request through our contact page and we’ll take care of it for you.

We also offer a tailored training scheme for builders, stone masons and tradesmen who want to buy our products and apply it themselves. This training can be completed on site, at client premises or at our headquarters – whatever is easiest.

As part of our ongoing service, we provide all the help you need to complete your project and achieve the finish you want. Just get in touch and we’ll share our handy tips to get you started.

multi brick wall

With long lead times for brick supply and the discontinuation of many brick styles, we’re now frequently approached to imitate the colour or look of materials which are no longer available. Our tints can be used on just about any absorbent building material, including stone, concrete, mortar and many tiles.  Not sure…? then just ask us!

Whilst our solution was originally developed to help the brick industry, today it’s widely used by home owners and house builders as a straightforward way of seamlessly blending new materials with old. It’s pure genius for breathing new life into tired exteriors.

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